Munch Box by Tikka Tango

Welcoming Tikka Tango’s new Food Truck MUNCH BOX with a mouth watering menu.

JUMBO BUTTER CHICKEN NACHOS  Corn chips layered with butter chicken, tangy sweet corn onion salsa, coriander, jalapenos, melted cheese and sour cream.

JUMBO PERI PERI CHICKEN NACHOS Corn chips layered with grilled peri peri chicken, chunky tomato and coriander salsa, jalapenos, melted cheese, peri peri sauce and sour cream.

JUMBO FIVE BEAN CHILLI NACHOS ( VEG )  Corn chips layered with hot five bean chilli, jalapenos, coriander, red onions, melted cheese and sour cream.

LITTLE PLATES  each Bacon Mac and Cheese Jalapeno Cheese Bites Bites Popcorn Chicken Hot Chips

For more information you can find them on Facebook at Munch Box by Tikka Tango