Juice Station


Sujit & I (Dear aka Pahnan) are passionate about healthy and happy lifestyle. We are also passionate about a green environment that is plastic free. We worked in the corporate world for more than 12 years. Apart from Australia, we have also worked in countries in Asia and Europe. We met each other in Copenhagen, Denmark while originally being from Thailand and India. After travelling to more than 30 countries around the world we fell in love with Australia and decided to settle down in Perth. In 2012 Sujit was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (IBD) and was prescribed medication that he would continue for the rest of his life. Medicines (steroids and immunosuppressant) are harmful and we thought there must be an alternative. After a lot of online research, Sujit followed a raw diet based on the theory of a Canadian Scientist. The diet consisted of vegetables, fruits, soups & raw food. Sujit recovered after 4 weeks but continued the diet for another 18 months and is now healthy and fit without the prescribed medication.

In this journey of 1.5 years, we learned a lot of recipes of healthy juices, smoothies and raw snacks. We became even more passionate about such food. In Perth City, it’s hard to find places where you can get such raw food. So we decided to do something about it. And the idea of Juice Station came to our mind. We wanted people to have an easy option in the city to get raw juices, smoothies and snacks that are free from sugar, processed food and preservatives. We started with Cold-Pressed Juices, Vegan Sugarfree Smoothies and some raw snacks. More to follow in near future. We also aim to be plastic free and we have managed to be 99% plastic free so far.