Churro Central

Churro Central is a family owned company based in Perth, Western Australia. Churro Central sells churros at various events around Perth; ranging from Agricultural shows to university open days.

Our venture started with a holiday to Disneyland, Anaheim in 2007.

There we discovered Churros, the tasty Spanish doughnuts.

Churros are a doughnut which is crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, coated with delicious cinnamon sugar and served hot. They originated in Spain several centuries ago and have since spread around the world. In Spanish speaking countries they are often sold by street vendors, but in Australia, are generally found in theme parks and tourist attractions, and also in some restaurants and coffee shops.

On our return from the USA, we decided to bring these delicious treats to Perth and created Churro Central.

We had a caravan built and began selling churros at Agricultural shows and other events in October 2007.

Our churros are 16 inches long and are imported from the USA. They are the same churros that we fell in love with at Disneyland, and cause great excitement wherever we go, amongst other people who have tried them in the USA and thought that they would never be able to get them in WA.

If you are organising an event and would like something different for your visitors to try please feel free to email at: