Alive Artesian Mineral Water

New Product on the Market


Naturally enriched with magnesium from the spring, each bottle of Alive Mineral Water has 300mg of this powerful mineral, allowing for that whole body benefit. Our bodies require magnesium to function; acting as a ‘helper molecule’, magnesium aids the human body in many ways including calcium absorption for bones and teeth, lowering blood pressure, rehydrating the body, aiding in weight loss and flushing toxins. While the water from the spring is naturally sparkling, when you choose Alive Mineral Water, you can choose from Still or Sparkling. A neutral PH gives the water restorative balancing qualities, and that perfect soft feel on your palate.


Alive Mineral Water is for you. There is no judgment, and no elitism. Business-people, athletes, students, parents, partygoers- the only requirement is that you live your life to the fullest. With its restorative, balancing qualities, Alive Mineral Water aims to go all the way with you on your life journey, growing and achieving. Live Life Alive.

Available in 1.5L, 500mL and 330mL